Bengal Care FAQ

1. Will the cat/kitten be destructive if I don't trim his/her nails?

While there is no guarantee on the specific behavior of a cat, from experience we have found that by keeping the cat's nails trimmed and by offering scratching posts, our cats do not damage our furniture.

2. What type of unique health issues do the Bengal have, if any

Bengals are similar to most domestic cats. However, we have noted that Bengals (as with many cats and dogs) can sometimes have a touchy digestive system requiring a simple and stable diet. We do not recommend frequently changing their diet. When you adopt a kitten we recommend that you keep him/her on the same diet as the he was on for a few days to minimize the stress while transitioning to a new home. If you choose to change the kitten's diet, it needs to be a gradual transition over a period of a week or two, in order to reduce stress and keep them from getting an upset digestive system.

3. What should I feed my Bengal?

We recommend that you mainly use a high quality raw cat food and less frequenly a good quality dry food. A good diet should promote a healthier cat with shiny pelt. We can recommend a raw cat food such as Natural Instinct ( and Science Plan Adult as a dry food supplement.  The food you choose to feed your Bengal is a personal choice and we make no explicit medical claims, and we speak only from our own experience and observation. Here at Southlakes we made the move to raw some years ago and have never looked back. We saw a positive increase in the overall health of all our cats. Super shiney coats, perfect condition and no more sloppy poo's. With a raw diet there is a huge reduction of faeces produced and with less smell, making litter tray cleaning a much simpler task. Note that raw cat food is a carefully balanced mix of meats, ground bone, vitamins, anti-oxidants and nutrients. It's not just minced meat; which contains none of the other important supplements needed for a healthy diet. As always, we recommend you discuss all medical and health concerns with your veterinarian.

4. Should I microchip my Bengal ?

A microchip is a small electronic chip about the size of a large grain of rice. The chip stores an identification number which is associated to information about the cat and it's owner. This tiny chip is implanted under the cats skin with a needle. In the event the cat is ever lost and turned into the RSPCA or other organization, they can scan the cat for the identification number and thus help locate the owner. This can be beneficial in locating the cat in the event he/she is lost or escapes.

5. Will my kitten be toilet trained?

All our kittens are tiolet trained before leaving for their new home. Bengal cats by nature are fastidious in their toilet habits and enjoy a clean litter tray - don't forget to keep the litter tray clean & disinfect it regularly.  During the firs days in a new home please make sure your kitten knows exactly where the litter tray is located.  Remind the kitten often at first by gently placing them in the tray.

6. What additional resources do you provide for the new Bengal owners?

We send our kittens home with a special care package that includes a Kitten Care Guide to help you get off to a smooth start with your new family member. We also provide a starter supply of food that the kitten is accustomed to so that you can be sure the kitten remains on the same diet and is able to transition gradually to your choice of food.  A small amount of the cat litter we use is also provided to reasure him/her that they are in the right place at toilet time. This can be mixed with your own choice of litter to enable a gradual transition.

Additionally, when you buy a kitten from us, you are never left alone once you have taken him or her home with you. We are to support you and we are always more than ready to help, provide advice and answer your questions whenever possible.

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